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Let your working space look beautiful gorgeous elegant with Grace & Joy Salon Suite

You’ve got your own style and your own attitude, so you should have a space that is totally YOU!

Grace & Joy Salon Suite

Where CREATIVITY meets family

We want YOU to do business in a conducive and business enabling suite, so we are giving you the space to express your talent, give your clients personal attention, and for you to connect with other beauty professionals to inspire each other every day.

The Real Salon Suite

Are Built For:

The suites are designed to fit your business, whether you choose a small suite perfect for one beauty professional or a larger suite that can be shared by you and your friend, the possibilities are endless to see your vision come to life.

Why Reserve A Suite

With Grace & Joy Salon Suite

We offer luxury salon suites to fit your budget as well as your business. We also offer the following top amenities and benefits to make sure your experience is a great one:

Benefits of leasing a salon suite with us ?

We make it simple to do your thing. We will develop a plan, and make provisions that’s only fitting just for YOU. 

ample parking

We have ample parking for your clientele and we’re minutes away from shops and restaurants in a popular area.

Easy to book

With us, you don’t have to pay before seeing your suite, and our booking process is very easy. All you need to do is to click the button below to book a tour. 

Leasing a Salon Suite

We have simplified owning your own salon business. When you lease a salon suite at Grace & Joy Salon Suite, you not only become your own boss, you get to control your schedule, keep more profits, grow your personal brand, and customize your suite to cater to your clientele.

Our community is made up of people like yourself - hairstylists, make-up artists, barbers, estheticians, micro-bladers, massage therapists, and more!

We encourage you to contact us today to set up a private tour of our beautiful location!

Leasing Process

In order to lease a suite at Grace & Joy Salon Suite, we begin with the Application Process.
After contacting us via phone or email, we schedule a private, confidential appointment and tour of the property.

During our time together, we share with you suite pricing, general information and provide you with an Application.

During this interactive interview, we will not only share information with you about our concept and who we are looking for, but we will also answer all of your questions in order that you can determine if Salon Suites is right for you!

If you are still interested, you simply return a completed Application back to us and we will respond back to you within three business days. If we both agree that this is a good fit for both parties, then we begin the process of leasing a suite.

In order to lease a suite,

you will be responsible for “Six Steps”:

Pricing & terms.

$30 total for both city and country

$150 for cosmetologists, does not apply for non-beauty suite uses

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